Latin American Center for Physics (CLAF)

The CLAF Unit on Renewable Energy is created to stimulate the development of Applied Physics in areas related to Energy from Solar, Eolic, Residual Biomass, Geothermal, Hydraulic, and Oceanic nature; Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells, Artificial Photosynthesis, Harvesting of Residual Energy, Photovoltaic Technologies, and Energy Conversion and Storage, in Latin America countries.  This Unit is coordinated by REMILAB (CICATA-IPN, U. Legaria) and Institute of Renewable Energy (IER, UNAM) see CLAF01-2016.

MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral students from our region will be welcome to REMILAB through the CLAF Unit program.  Aspirants with basic formation as BSc or Eng. in Physics, Chemistry and related areas will be welcome. Details on the Postgraduate Program and Students Eligibility are available from CICATA. The accepted students are eligible for economical support from CONACyT through a fellowship program.

Researchers from the region will also be welcome to REMILAB for short research visits or through sabbatical fellowships. If required. CLAF Unit procures economical support to allow such activities. Some research agencies provide economical support for scientific exchange, among them: CONACyT , the join TWAS- CONACyT program , the CLAF-SECITI agreement, UNESCO Office in Montevideo,  UNESCO Renewable Energy Unit serving Latin America,  UNESCO Science, Tecnology and Innovation for Sutaintable Development.

REMILAB has join research projects with groups from Latin America and Caribbean countries (see below) and we are interest in expand such projects to other laboratories in the region.

Collaboration with Latin America Groups